Rachel Kanter, Owner
Rachel began her life-long love of movement as a professional dancer, dance teacher, and yoga enthusiast. After obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in History from the University of California, Santa Cruz, she began practicing Pilates as a means of rehabilitation after sustaining a serious back injury. Inspired by her personal recovery, Rachel became an advanced-level certified Pilates Teacher through Stott Pilates in 2000. She has since dedicated herself to teaching Pilates to students of all ages and abilities. In 2009 Rachel obtained her Yoga Teacher Certification through White Lotus Yoga. Rachel utilizes her diverse background in dance, Pilates, Yoga, and injury rehabilitation to design a dynamic, safe, and therapeutic workout program for her students. Rachel has been teaching at Windansea Pilates since 2002. She took over ownership of the studio from longtime friend and colleague Zoe James in November of 2013.
photo by kris mcmillan

photo by kris mcmillan

Lidia Zoë James, Founder Windansea Pilates
It was the late 70’s when Zoë James originally came upon the studio location. Just one block east of Windansea Beach, back then it was a sunshiny, breezy locals bikini shop next door to a health food grocery…In 2001 the studio again called her sirens song to Zoë…this time it was to open a unique and independent Pilates studio with a view of the sea from the sidewalk and a mermaid theme. For 11 years the studio provided Zoë with a light and nurturing space to work and play each day, offering sanctuary and room to grow into her inner wisdom as beautiful and lifelong friendships were formed. Zoë, who retired from teaching at Windansea Pilates in 2013, comes from a lineage of healing women. She is passionate about the living study of herbs, botanicals and medicinal plants. Zoë a full-time artist, photographer, bee keeper, herb gardener & kept women, still spends many days frolicking on her beloved Windansea Beach.
Amber Brown
Amber Brown holds a BA in Exercise Science and Nutrition. In 2002 Amber became certified through Stott Pilates. She is also a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and Yoga teacher. Amber has worked in fitness facilities throughout San Diego educating children and families on healthy lifestyle habits through fitness and nutritional counseling. She is a passionate teacher who is deeply committed to helping her students succeed and achieve their personal goals. Amber has been teaching at Windansea Pilates since 2014.
Jessica Weinas
Jessica was born and raised in Göteborg, Sweden. She grew up in a very athletic family. Her mother was a competitive diver and coach who trained several Olympic athletes during her career. Jessica grew up with competitive swimming, diving, ice skating and a love of fitness, nutrition and health.

She found Pilates in 1993 and has never looked back. She is the mother of two daughters, Veronica age 23 and Vanessa age 17. In her spare time, she leads a very active athletic lifestyle and can be found on the hiking trail with her boxer Gump, performing aerial Yoga and Pilates on the Lyra, silks or trapeze, or doing a high intensity training session at a gym or park. She loves to pass on to her clients the tricks that she has learned to stay healthy and fit at age 50 and beyond. She has certifications in spinning, personal training, Pilates and aerial yoga.